More about the wine culture in Hévíz

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The city of Hévíz was created from the merger of Egregy and Hévízszentandras in the last century, and it received the title of a city not so long ago. Even before this, Egregy was famous for its wine culture, vineyards and cellars, as a prominent representative of the wines of the Balatonmelle region.

If you want to heal and have culinary experiences at the same time, then it is worth visiting Hévíz now, during the harvest season, because the Egregy wine cellars come alive at this time and await visitors with their special wines and famous representatives of the Hungarian gastronomy. Here, of course, you can taste the international flavors, but you should definitely not leave without having tasted the wines of the larger cellars. Quality and delicious wine greatly contributes to a lasting sense of well-being, which is an integral part of relaxation and, last but not least, recovery, of course only in moderation. The relaxing and healing effects of Hévíz are not limited to the possibilities provided by the lake! Visit Hévíz yourself and choose Hotel Erzsébet!

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