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Beauty pampering in Hévíz!

Beauty care enjoyed a flourishing culture even in ancient times, as it is refreshing not only for our body, but also for our soul to take care of ourselves. Our self-confidence increases, and different treatments can even be a long-term solution to certain problems, for example, makeup tattooing instead of the daily morning procedure.


Makeup tattoo

A make-up tattoo is a temporary tattoo that prevents make-up from looking smudged and sloppy. Plus, it saves you time – precious minutes instead of having to apply make-up in the morning or wash it off in the evening.

Plus, it also spares your skin from allergenic products and the rubbing that can cause eyelash loss and redness. Finally, you can forget about those expensive, waterproof make-up products that don’t look perfect.


For the hair and the face!

The Hévíz mud is unique and unparalleled in the world. It is not by chance that Hévíz and its hotels are a favourite destination for visitors seeking health and beauty, even from far away.

The silt at the bottom of the lake is rich in minerals and organic substances that are good for your body inside and out. The composition of the Hévíz sludge is 20% peat, 13.5% peat organic matter, 4.5% mineral matter.

How can it make us beautiful? Used as a facial mask, it can successfully improve the condition of your skin, as the mud almost sucks out impurities, makes the skin firmer and fresher, slows down aging, moisturizes and nourishes.

It is also used as a hair conditioner, because its active ingredients penetrate the scalp and successfully remove unpleasant dandruff, but also control excessive oiliness. Regular treatment with the mud of Hévíz will make your hair healthy and full of life again, and it will also reduce hair loss.

Visit our wellness hotel in Hévíz and experience the spa and the wonderful mud of Hévíz!

You are welcome in our hotel in Hévíz, while you relax from the stress of the weekdays!

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