Covid19 leaflet

For our guests and colleagues, we have developed a protocol to follow to help keep each other healthy

  • Please read carefully the information on COVID-19
  • If you experience symptoms or illness in your immediate environment that could be contagious, you should postpone your trip
  • If you notice any breathing difficulties or any other symptoms (fever, dry cough, sore throat), please report this immediately to our colleagues and stay in your room until the doctor has carried out the necessary tests.
  • Please follow cough etiquette (use tissue, if not, cough/sneeze into bent elbow).
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly, available at several points in the hotel. We recommend frequent, thorough hand washing


  • We offer online check-in for our guests, reducing the need for personal contact
  • Please keep a maximum of 2 people at the reception desk to ensure a quick service.
  • No need to hand in your room key during your stay, reducing the number of contacts
  • Prefer cashless payment wherever possible.
  • In order to avoid congestion, we recommend that you settle your account at any time during your stay, preferably not on the day of departure.

Community spaces

  • Please use the hand sanitisers provided
  • Please keep an appropriate distance, including limited use of the lift. One family can use the lift at a time.
  • Please let our receptionist know if you feel any extra cleaning is needed in our common areas


  • Please let our reception staff know if you feel your room needs any extra cleaning


  • Use the hand sanitisers provided before and after every meal
  • Our colleagues will do their best to provide you with a fast and safe service in an emergency situation, so please help them by following the rules
  • Please also keep an appropriate distance from the restaurant area
  • Please use the nylon gloves provided for the use of the serving utensils at the buffet table, for your and our staff’s convenience, and our colleagues will be happy to assist you with the food if necessary, thus reducing the number of contacts.
  • In order to avoid overcrowding, the capacity of the restaurant may be reduced by maintaining a safe, prescribed distance between tables. Therefore, to avoid waiting, our colleagues may ask you in advance about your planned restaurant visit requirements or inform you about available dates. For your comfort and safety, please assist our staff in assessing your needs

For any problems or comments, please ask our colleagues for help.
Thank you for your kind cooperation!

We wish our guests a pleasant stay!
The management of Hotel Elisabeth

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