Lake Hévíz

More than 20,000 years ago, nature gifted our settlement with a treasure that is unique in the world. The green heart of Hévíz, the 4.4-hectare lake is the largest hot water spa lake on Earth, suitable for bathing. We share this treasure, and with it the experience of health, with all our visitors. Medical activity is based on 200 years of experience, and it is no wonder that the weight bath, which is now used worldwide, was born in Hévíz.
Hévízi tó

The special fauna of Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz is very special, as its water is uniquely warm and has medicinal properties. It is the largest lake in Europe with such characteristics, and its wildlife is therefore unique in our region. The peat-bedded Lake Hévíz covers an area of more than 4 hectares, so it is home to a unique and abundant wildlife.

Everyone knows the distinctive, beautiful blue, white and pink fairy roses, but look deeper into the water of the lake. There are beautiful ornamental fish, fish that thrive in the warm water, such as the Hévíz wild pond catfish, the mosquito breeding toothfish, but also sunfish and silver carp. Interestingly, a species of bacteria native to the lake, green algae, is found only here.

The lake is also teeming with life, with a good number of water-loving rodents such as water voles and water shrews, but you may also see pond bats or even alpine bats in quieter periods. Of course, water birds are not missing either, with cormorants, grey herons, swans, but also waders and little tits. If you keep a watchful eye out, swamp turtles and even jewel turtles can emerge from the warm water, stretching their heads.

Wonderful pictures of our unique lake

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