What you should know about the composition of Lake Hévíz

2024.02.02. 0

Lake Hévíz can also provide a solution to your problem, as this precious lake is extremely rich in minerals, as a result of which the majority of visitors have been cured of various diseases. This lake, located on an area of ​​4.5 hectares, provides relaxation and entertainment opportunities for those who want to heal and relax every day of the year.

The water of Lake Hévíz is mixed from 7 sources, which combine the many beneficial effects of carbonic acid, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate and radon. Both gaseous and dissolved substances can be found in the water of the lake. Already in the XVIII. Even in the 20th century, researchers carried out numerous studies on the composition of Lake Hévíz, but only in the second half of the century did the results show accurate data.

The minerals found in Lake Hévíz enter our body not only through the skin, thereby exerting their beneficial effects, but also through inhalation. Thus, if we are in the immediate vicinity of water, it already has a good effect on our body.

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