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Our accommodation in Hévíz is located in the central part of one of Hungary’s most popular tourist destinations. It is natural that most people visit us because of Lake Hévíz, but it is also worth spending a few days with us who prefers not only bathing.



The Festetics Castle, which was built in the 18th century, is the most famous landmark in the area. began in the middle of the century. The castle is a beautiful Baroque-style building, with more than 100 rooms, 20 of which are open to the public. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions, but you should also visit the castle park. The park is a nature reserve, including a palm house built in 1880 by Count Tasziló Festetics.

An interesting attraction is the Bird Park, where visitors can observe species native not only to the country but also to distant regions.


Keszthely model railway exhibition

For our guests with children, we also recommend visiting the Keszthely model train exhibition, which is a special experience for both children and adults. Trains run on a network of tracks almost 3 km long in a realistic environment.

A curiosity is the night model world, where the lights of vehicles, buildings and street lamps illuminate the darkened room. You can also visit the Semmering railway line, parts of Zala County and Nuremberg’s main railway station.

We also recommend our guests to visit the Hunting Exhibition, located next to the model railway exhibition, where you can see about 500 trophies on display.


Visit the Borünnep in Hévíz

Are you a dedicated wine fan? In this case, you will surely be interested in the upcoming gastronomic programme of Hévíz, the Hévíz Wine Festival! Don’t miss it if you want to taste delicious wines and enjoy a holiday in beautiful surroundings!

Book accommodation in our hotel in Hévíz and relax with us! What awaits you at the Hévíz Wine Festival? Here are the wines that will play the leading role in this programme, which in itself sounds promising. The region’s renowned wineries will be presenting their best wines, which will be offered to the participants in a round table, accompanied by a variety of delicious food.

Good wines are accompanied by beautiful surroundings, of course, as the wine festival is held in the shade of magnificent plane trees.

Book your accommodation with us in time to participate in the Hévíz Wine Festival!
Classic surroundings, a pleasant atmosphere and sincere hospitality await you!


Get to know Kis-Balaton

Guests visiting us can enjoy the healing effects of the water all day long. But if you prefer more active recreation, you will not be disappointed in Hévíz, as there are plenty of excursions in the area, for example to Lake Kis-Balaton!

Lake Balaton has a very special fauna and is home to many protected bird species. The Kányavári Island is a free area, accessible via a specially built wooden bridge. A nature trail has been created on the island, showing the entire wildlife. Here you can observe plants and animals and read interesting information about them.

There are also two lookouts on the island, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view. Those who like fishing should be prepared, as there is also the possibility to fish. Hévíz is therefore an excellent place for active relaxation not only for those who want to heal, but also for those who love outdoor activities.

Visit Hévíz and get to know the Balaton region from here
while cruising!


Heal in the waters of the Hévíz lake, in a natural environment!

The water of the lake contains natural minerals that help cure various diseases. You can heal in the silky, soft-feeling lake of Hévíz in a relaxed and painless way! The environment surrounding Lake Hévíz calms the nervous system and recharges the spirit. Visitors are greeted by a lush green environment, with more and more beautiful plants and lotus flowers swaying on the water.

And if the water of Lake Hévíz is not enough for your recovery, you can use the services of our hotel! Among our diverse options you will find therapeutic massage, mud baths, weight baths and countless other beneficial treatments and relaxation solutions.

If you’re looking for an active holiday, we also recommend cycling tours and Nordic walking in our city, where the fresh air is even more refreshing.


Homemade delicacies for travel

In addition to excursions and recreational opportunities, we always love to eat delicious food, so if you are a guest of our hotel in Hévíz, you should visit our town’s farmers’ market to experience the atmosphere of the old days.

The market is located behind the large parking lot in Hévíz, which is sometimes filled with authentic folk musicians alongside the market vendors. The market offers quality and chemical-free products for the conscious shopper. This not only supports farmers, but also contributes to the health of our bodies, thanks to organic food.

Honey producers, pickle sellers and juice makers recommend the best products to try. Visitors can sample speciality cheeses, sausages, homemade cakes and home-made cow’s milk before they buy.

Book accommodation in our hotel in Hévíz
and enjoy healthy and tasty Zala food during your excursions and sightseeing tours!

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